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3 Ways to View Private Instagram


If you are here, you know a lot about Instagram, not only it is one of the most popular social media sites, but also it is the love of many people. It is mainly used to share the pictures and update status, in a different way as compared to Facebook.

Privacy can be activated for Instagram account, however, if someone has activated it, still there are some ways that can be used in order to view private Instagram profile.  

Instagram’s picture cannot be downloaded so people can only view these on profile. With the increase in website's popularity, its security has been tightened to such extent that this is impossible for non-followers to view private accounts. Therefore, to ensure access to the profile of others, people use different private Instagram profile downloading applications and hack account of the person in question.

The account is easy to create because you just need to create a username and set a password to enter the world of Instagram. Keeping privacy settings strict is priority of everyone because people remain curious to know about personal lives of other people whom they idealize or like.




1 – Hacking Instagram's Account

The profile's strict privacy settings can be bypassed directly while hacking a user's account. Hacking will provide access to all the posted images and videos available on the account. It would be same like you are handling your own personal account. However, hacking an account for viewing private profile picture of any person is not an easy task. You require expert skills to do so.

2 – Client Application Software

Client Application has been designed to keep a check on Instagram of closed family members where software is being added in the mobile phone of the targeted person. This is known as client application in which the software has two components, one is client himself and other is the online dashboard for check and balance. You will not miss any photo, comment or like of that person because targeted cell's activity would be shown on your online dashboard. Thus, it is not morally good to take interest in someone's life or trace him with bad intention so the process to view personal profile on Instagram should be used for good.

3 – A Tool by

This is an online tool that is easy to use. It is free, and there is no need of even registering yourself. Just open this online tool at, add the link of the profile you want to see and it starts orking.

Now you may be upset that while using this tool, the owner of the profile would know who visited the profile, don’t worry by using this tool, no one can find out which profiles you have seen. With all this, it is safe to use with no extra ads and forms to fill.

This private profile viewer will never ask your Instagram account’s detail, and keep in mind that stay away from those sites and software which ask you to provide your private information as your profile might get hacked.

Now with the help of all these methods, you know how to view private Instagram profiles, choose any from the above mentioned options.